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Reviews of Becoming Vulnerable

"Becoming Vulnerable is Joshua Corwin’s specialty. The man relentlessly peels away layer after layer of his fears and insecurities to reveal a courageous poet using the word for redemption. Corwin’s language is crisp and doesn’t let up. Like Allen Ginsberg said, the poet stands naked before the crowd and Joshua Corwin isn’t afraid to take it all off and leave it on the page."

Mike Sonksen
Professor at Woodbury University,
author of
 Letters to My City

“Joshua Corwin provides us with a unique voice that addresses the intersectionality between the autistic experience and recovery from addiction, with prose that is both piercing and beautiful. His unique lens reveals his passionate desire to help others who are wrestling with demons that he has successfully battled.”

Barry M. Prizant, PhD, CCC-SLP
Director, Childhood Communication Services
Adjunct Professor, Brown University
Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism

“Joshua Corwin provides readers with an honest and open portrayal of the addictions and disorders that have challenged him since youth. […] Corwin journeys through years of emotionally and physically crippling nadirs to reach a life now filled with grace and gratitude, ever mindful of the events that have helped shape him into the person he is today.”

Rich Ferguson
Author of New Jersey Me and 8th & Agony

“This poetry takes my breath away. Cuts like a knife. Opens wounds and heals them. The words of Joshua Corwin, so precisely chosen, are rhythmical, powerful, and evocative. I read his work again and again and each time I discover new layers of wisdom and hope.”

Barbara Straus Lodge

Essayist, and Founder of Above The Noise Foundation

“A beautiful, powerful journey mapping a very human soul.”

Ellyn Maybe

Author of The Cowardice of Amnesia and Walking Barefoot in the Glassblowers Museum

“By inviting us into his world Joshua’s insights and wisdom remind us to listen and to be compassionate to the vulnerability of those who see the world differently. Joshua’s voice is a gift that needs to be heard.”

Elaine Hall
Award winning author Now I see the Moon
Founder of The Miracle Project
Profiled in HBO’s Autism: The Musical

“Joshua Corwin’s Becoming Vulnerable is a remarkable window into the poetic mind in tense, exaltive and poignant conversation with itself. At times peering through the tangle of his own wiring, at other times displaying a dawning gratitude for all the miles that he’s come and a newfound knowledge that he has the strength to keep going (and keep writing it all into life), these poems are spare and haunting, lyrical and diagnostic. Not to be missed.”

David Rocklin

Author of The Luminist and The Night Language

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